why should you reveal your past salary to a new or potential employer.

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    Salary questions



    Interesting Topic stlouisr. I have tried a few times to leave the area on the form where they ask for my past / current salary blank. But, during the face to face interview they always revert to that question. It’s just so intimidating that I always end up answering.

    And the irony is when I turn the question around and ask the interviewer how much the position I am interviewing for pays, I never get a straight answer. They usually flip it on me again and ask how much I’m looking for. And I’ve learnt that whatever figure I say at that moment is what they would pay me, unless of course I say a figure way above what they are willing to pay, then I guess they never call me back .



    Exactly, why should a potential employer try to determine my worth based on my old salary? suppose i was underpaid at my current job? will i continue to be underpaid at the new job if i reveal that information? the point of advancement for some people is to receive better remuneration so why ask for the current salary so that you can offer the person the same or a little more when you may be paying other staff at the same position quite well. i think that question is irrelevant and prejudicial so whenever i can avoid it i do. when asked what salary i am looking for, most times i give a range and one time i said that i expect to receive a salary that goes hand in hand with what the expectations of me are in the position while at the same time takes my qualifications and experience into consideration………… the interviewer said that was the best answer she’s heard! hahahaha



    I have been burnt by the question at my current job….honestly you should always give a higher salary and let the employer negotiate it once selected. Either that or stay underpaid and annoyed.

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