Why can\'t I search salary?? Updated profile a million times??

Find Salary Information For Jobs In Trinidad And Tobago Forums Working in Trinidad and Tobago Why can\'t I search salary?? Updated profile a million times??

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    Can’t search salaries!!



    Hi ElysiaP,

    To begin searching for salaries you must update your Salary Profile to include your Job Title, Employer and your Salary Earned. We searched our databases and note that your salary profile is empty. You can complete this using the link below :).

    Save Salary Trinidad Tobago

    Happy searching!

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    I can’t search as well. I keep inputting my job profile info and it takes me back to a blank job profile page, as though I entered no info the first time.



    Hi Sasha

    Thanks for using the forum.

    We reviewed the source code for the website with the objective of narrowing in on anything that can incorrectly cause your Private Job Profile to be rejected.

    At present a Private Job Profile is rejected only if the Company Name or Job Position entered is part of our Dictionary of Barred Words. Words such as Confidential, Private, Hospital, Government etc are part of our barred words, since it does not adequately describe the company you work for nor your Job Title.

    If you are a student, please register with your student school email address. For locals this almost always ends with .edu.tt. The website would recognize you as a student and allow you to sail right through, without having to populate your Private Job Profile.

    To allow us to check on this query further, please privately email us at team@salariestt.com with details of the Company Name and Job Title you are trying to enter. We would use the information to troubleshoot.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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