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Managing Stress At Your Job With Yoga

Managing Stress At Your Job With Yoga


We can all agree that the office can be stressful. While your first thoughts might be to burn down the office building or stab your colleague in the throat, you might just want to take the mature route.



Well here is a thought, how about yoga. We teamed up with Enchanted Power Yoga Fitness to learn yoga postures that can be easily done at your desk.


Chair Cat Cow Stretch




From your office chair, sit with your spin stretched. Place both feet on the floor. Inhale. As you do so arch your back. Look up. Push your belly forward and shoulder backward.

Exhale. As you do this round your spine. Bring your shoulder forward and look down.


Seated Crescent Moon Pose



Lift your arms above your head. Lean to one side and take a few breaths. Then lean to the other side and take a few breaths. This pose would clear your head and improve your focus.


Chair Pigeon Pose


Place one leg over the next at a 90o angle. Hold your knee with both hands then turn your upper body. Keep this pose for a few breaths then switch sides.


How do you manage stress at your job? Tell us in the comments below. Tag a friend that gets super stressed out at work. For professional yoga classes visit Enchanted Power Yoga Fitness.


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