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Not everyone wants to be the boss … some of us just want to survive and be happy


Not everyone wants to be the boss … some of us just want to survive and be happy

Frustrated with my job? ..no
Annoyed by my superiors? ..no
Unsatisfied with my salary? ..kinda

I am a 32 year old male employee at a locally owned IT company. This job has been my only job since leaving school and I’ve been permanent for almost 11 years now.


My highest educational achievement is an undergrad degree and my yearly earnings is under 140K before taxes and deductions.


I am married, my wife also works and we have an infant baby. I consider myself to be somewhat contented with my current job, this is not meant to say that there isn’t room for improvement. I have not actively sought out other job opportunities for as long as I can remember.

My resume has not been updated in over 5 years.


I think i’m mostly comfortable in my current job because of the niche position I am in where I am not responsible for a department but I still don’t have a supervisor or manager over my head.

Sometimes this makes me feel out of place like I don’t belong to any department but other times I’m happy it is the way it is. I’m respected by most of the other employees because of my knowledge and experience but I’m also harassed for help often by those same employees.


My monthly earning is probably my only issue.. Like who wouldn’t like more money?


But I believe the extra income I wish I earned is modest as it simply allows for a more comfortable simple life that I envision.


A life where I can pay a mortgage for a simple future home, pay the bills and maybe, just maybe get to put aside something towards a family vacation.


I also value my personal time. I often wonder about trying to get some extra income aside from my job but the time I would have to put towards that would take away all the little time I get to relax in the evenings.


Am I wrong for feeling this way? This is totally opposite to the “be your own boss” goals that the professional world encourages.


I simply want to work my 8-4, earn a good salary, and go home to play with my baby or watch tv.

This article was submitted to us by an employee. Can you relate to what he’s saying? Tell us in the comments below.

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5 Advice Your Trini Dad Gave You About Your Career


5 Advice Your Trini Dad Gave You About Your Career

If you’re lucky to have a Trinbagonian dad, he probably gave you advice about your career in his local colloquial tongue.

1. Gopaul luck eh Seepaul luck

In life and in the workplace not everyone would have the same opportunities. And similarly what your colleague would ‘get away with’ in work, you would not ‘get away with’.

2. Common sense make before book sense

Not all the knowledge that you need for your job comes from formal learning. Lessons from your informal schooling can take you very far in the workplace.

3. Don’t shit wey yuh does eat

In the workplace it’s not a good idea to mix business with pleasure. What dad means here is don’t date anyone from your office, or don’t ‘lime’ with your boss.

4. Wey horse reach jackass does reach… and pass

Don’t study who more qualified than you or who knows the job better than you. You can beat the odds and become even more successful than that person.

5. Fire de wuk – Quit a job.

And our favourite ‘fire de wuk’ .. time to quit your job.

What advice have your dad given to you about money and your career? Tell us in the comments below.

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