5 Tips To Winning At Your Job In Trinidad And Tobago

5 Tips To Winning At Your Job In Trinidad And Tobago

I was venting to a friend a few days ago about my office woes when she said to me “Girl I learn tuh shut up long time”. This came as a surprise to me because in my gut I always felt that things would get better if I kept quiet and kept to myself, but I didn’t realise that other logical thinking people felt the same way. So I began thinking, why are my colleagues promoted over me. How do they win at their jobs and keep winning.


1. Shut your mouth

Winning Shut Your Mouth

Learn to shut your trap despite how passionate you feel about a topic at the office. If you are an extrovert like me and find a compulsive need to say everything that comes to mind, this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Wait what! Your company switched from Blue Waters to filtered water. Do not make this a talking point at the lunch table. Simply adapt and start bringing your own darn water supply.

So your boss is making yet another dumb decision on that million dollar project that you manage. Well let him. Don’t explicitly agree with him but leave him to make his mistake. If you do open your mouth he would see this as an attempt to challenge him.

Or is it that you believe that your colleague would perform better at their job if they were trained. Stop. You are not an Avenger. Do not fight battles for your colleagues. If you follow this tip you would soon find that you wouldn’t even have to fight battles for yourself.

PS. General staff meetings are neither the time nor the place for you to make valuable recommendations to improve the efficiency and profitability of your company or staff moral. Zip it and listen. Have zero concerns about anything.


2. Play dumb

Don’t let your boss discover that you are smarter than him.

You can earn a few extra points by leading your boss to an idea rather than presenting the idea yourself. This takes some degree of skill, as in the end your boss must believe that it was his original thought or decision. Try using a suggestive voice. For instance, let’s say that you believe the team is overdue for another status update meeting. Say to your boss “When was the last meeting?”. Act clueless if you have to. Instinctively he would decide that another meeting is due and schedule such.

It’s also a good idea to repeat but rephrase what was said to you. Although your inner being understands clearly the scenario presented, quickly assimilate this information given to you and present it as if it were a new concept. For instance, someone on the team says “Software testing and verification is 100% completed”. Say to the team “So we can now move to the next phase?” I have seen top level Managers do this often and they are thought to be attentive and analytical.

If you are already doing this then you are already on your way to winning.


3. Kiss A$$

So your boss likes CPL. Well guess who else loves CPL.

Honestly, I have seen co-workers that kiss a$$ and are promoted much faster than the hardworking Joe. You have to push your pride aside and get the kissing.

You need to make your boss a priority. I’m not saying to make him coffee, but help perpetuate their delusion that their position demands respect.

Going out for lunch? Stop by your boss’s office and ask if he needs lunch as well.

Volunteer for the next assignment rather than waiting to be assigned.

You basically want to feed you boss’s ego.


4. Friend-up and Network

Like it or not you have to start friending-up with people. The simple truth is if management likes you, you would be promoted and more so if you have the work ethic and qualifications to justify the promotion. If management does not like you you would not be promoted end of story.

During my first three years at my current company I received a promotion each year. The title I held after three years took my other team members seven and ten years to acquire (acquire not achieve). My peers would tell me that management favours me. Being as young and naive as I was, I was winning at my job and didn’t realize it. But guess what though I wasn’t kissing butt or friending-up or shutting my mouth. I always had something to say, some concern of the sort and the winning stopped.

I work with mid level managers who at Christmas time sends an email to senior management to say thank you for the bonus. And get this, they cc the entire staff! These same mid level managers would also go to church and Sunday brunch with senior management.

If you don’t have a friend in management, start friending-up young grasshopper.


5. Qualifications don’t mean squat.

If you are Trinbagonian or even Caribbean you were thought to do well at CXC, A’levels then get a fancy UWI degree. Well oh boy, your formal education means very little after you have acquired the job. The question is can you add value to the organisation.

The faster you understand this the faster you would start winning at your job. Yes, the Tanty at your office 20 years now without tertiary education would continue to be promoted and earn more than you do. The reason for this is simple, they got experience, they know the job.
Opps, I almost forgot, as a bonus tip ‘Dress Up! Look Nice’. This may sound ridiculous but I have found that I get a better response from my colleagues when I ‘dress up’. So ladies leave your hair down, fix your makeup, do your eye brows, fellas shave, wear a nice jacket.
Leave us a commenting below letting us know if you agree or disagree. What tips do you have for getting a promotion?

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